Woman leader how to combine these concepts

Everything flows, everything changes. If a couple of hundred years ago a woman had to raise children and conduct an economy, then modern ladies strive for more. Is it right or not is a philosophical question. But, be that as it may, and the success for the beautiful half of humanity today has three sides: love, children, career.

So let’s talk about the last. Or rather the problems that arise in women – managers.

First of all, having entered the new position, it is necessary to establish relations with the team, otherwise not only global projects, but even banal office cleaning will not be properly. To do this, just remember a few important rules.

• Keep the distance. Yesterday’s colleagues, and today subordinates will naturally try to use old “communications”. And this can harm the cause. So that there are no disagreements and offenses, from the very beginning, clearly outline the rules of your new connections: who obeys to whom, when and in what form the reports are submitted, in what cases the employee is premised or, conversely, is fined.

• From a woman – a leader, subordinates are waiting for understanding and participation. If possible, not superfluous to prove yourself from this side. Listen, calmly talk, inspire your own example.

• Many conflicts arise in relations with the male part of the equal rank of colleagues. In this case, you can gain authority by showing your highly professional business qualities. And you can go around the mountain, making it clear that you came not to compete, but for the sake of cooperation.

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