Choosing autumn shoes. Features of selection

With the advent of autumn, your favorite ballet shoes, shoes or sandals have to be changed to boots, ankle boots and boots. In search of the desired couple, we go around shoe shops, which takes a long time to buy, today you can buy shoes in an online store to watch an online shoe boutique click here. When choosing autumn shoes, several factors need to be taken into account.

Firstly, the shoes for the fall should be warm and comfortable so that the first frosts do not turn into a cold, choose boots or boots on a dense and thick sole. Pay attention to how well the sole is attached to the boot, since poor -quality shoes will get wet in rainy weather.

Secondly, shoes should be made of high-quality materials, it is better if it is genuine leather, it repel water and dirt, and shoes from it do not lose its attractive appearance for a long time, so you can wear such shoes for more than one season. If material products do not allow you to buy genuine leather boots, then choose high -quality shoes from the substitute so that it serves you longer and remains beautiful, you need to properly care for shoes, that is, to dry it in time, use water -repellent sprays and shoe cream.

Thirdly, buying shoes, do not forget about fashion trends. In the fall of 2014, it is fashionable to wear boots on a wedge or heeled, but do not sacrifice your health and convenience for fashion and beauty, choose the heel on which it will be convenient for you to walk. For young girls, the so -called sneakers, these sneakers on the wedge came into fashion last season, but this fall they did not lose relevance, but only became even more original and interesting.

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