Why do women need a wristwatch how to choose

Our age is the time of technological progress. Almost each of us has a cell phone with many functions, among them – the clock showing the time. It would seem that the time of wrist watches has long been sunk into oblivion, so why so far there are so many large companies selling hours in bulk in Moscow and other regions of the country? Who still needs them?

Firstly, watches, especially for women, remain an excellent accessory, making their style sophisticated and finished. This is not just a beautiful toy, but a fashionable part of a female image. One has only to look at the shop windows where the clocks are set – and breathtaking, the wristwing of the female watch ceased to be only a time meter. They shimmer with stones and rhinestones, captivate intricate forms, many models in beauty and grace are superior to the most expensive bracelets. In addition, in many large companies there is a certain dress code: to come to a meeting with the management or to conclude a major transaction, not having an expensive watch on the wrist-a bad tone. Ultimately, an expensive watch for a business woman is prestigious, such an accessory will raise your status, both in his own eyes and in the eyes of others.

That’s why the “Watches of wholesale in Moscow and other regions” find their consumer, because the cell phone is an electronic technique that can break down, give a failure. And the wristwatch will never let you down. By the way, recently they are no longer a novelty, the so -called “Chasophones”. This is the wristwatch in which a mobile phone is built. Progress does not stand still, and many foreign companies are already developing analogues of such devices. Who knows, maybe in the future, we will ask ourselves: why do you need these phones if there is a comfortable watch on the hand?

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