The pros and cons of modern diets should be used

Currently, a variety of diets, starvation and other methods in the struggle for the perfect figure use great attention. However, this does not always benefit the human body. For example, a carbohydrate deficiency may be accompanied by a loss of a significant amount of fluid, so you should not think that the lost extra pounds are only hated fat.

Protein diets are also not an ideal option. Squirrel, of course, helps maintain the normal state of the body during food restrictions, however, here not everything is so smooth. Excess protein in the body can harm digestion and negatively affect the work of the kidneys.

The lack of glucose in the human body quickly affects his mental ability, therefore, if you are a fan of such a diet, be prepared for this. In addition, the mood in the absence in the body needs the amount of carbohydrates will be so -so.

Is it so bad?

Of course not, everything is individual. For example, our athletes before competitions also limit themselves to carbohydrates and try to eat proteins more. However, they do this only for a week, no longer, so everything is good in moderation. If you do not zeal and eat correctly, increasing protein consumption and reducing carbohydrate consumption, you can get an excellent result and not harm your health.

Summing up

A protein and low carbohydrate diet is a fairly quick solution to the problem, but do not forget that sometimes dangerous and not always effective. The kilograms dropped during such a diet, when switching to normal diet, can be back very quickly, sometimes more than the amount of fluid in the body will increase. Therefore, only a low -calorie diet with a thoughtful and balanced diet can be an ideal option for losing weight.

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