Properties of acrylic paint the advantage of application

Today, acrylic paint is the most popular for painting walls and wallpapers, in addition, the price of acrylic paint is quite acceptable. The paint gained such popularity, thanks to its properties.

Firstly, acrylic paints are safe and environmentally friendly, they do not emit toxic substances and do not have a pungent odor. Secondly, such paints are very stable and retain brightness and decorative properties for a long time, and also do not burn out in the sun. Thirdly, acrylic paint has the property of a waterproofing membrane, which allows you to smooth out small cracks on the wall or on the wallpaper after applying a putty.

Very often, acrylic paint is used instead of wallpaper, as it has a longer service life, resistant to water and other mechanical damage, it easily and quickly apply, which greatly facilitates the repair, since it eliminates such a long stage of work as wrapping wallpaper. You can apply acrylic paint using a roller, sprayer or brush, and the painted surface is used the very next day. As a rule, such a paint dries from 7 to 14 hours at a temperature of plus 20 degrees.

If we compare acrylic paint with oil, then it is more durable, does not crumble and does not lay, also cracks rarely appear on it. It practically does not respond to a change in temperature and humidity and does not wrinkle, its color lasts more than 10 years.

Today the market presents a huge variety of acrylic paint. It comes in banks and tubes and has a wide color scheme. Many consumers prefer it to her, as it is economical, convenient to use and has good characteristics.

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