Ceramic knives what should be known about when choosing

Just a few years ago, ceramic knives appeared on sale and, despite the fact that at first glance such knives cause distrust, in fact they confidently conquer the kitchen space and replace the knives usual from the metal.

Ceramic knife to buy every second housewife is decided. But what is the superiority of this kitchen tool?

A ceramic knife should be bought, first of all, therefore, it is many times more acute than an ordinary knife, since it is honed to microscopic accuracy. Thanks to this, he perfectly cuts Lube products.

As a rule, with careful use, the knife will not have to be infected for several years. He does not rust and does not change his natural state. It is such a knife that is convenient to use, it is comfortable to hold it in the hand, and the ergonomic handle can provide a fairly accurate knife control. In addition, does not affect the smell, type and taste of products ceramic knife.

But he also has disadvantages that should certainly be taken into account before making a purchase.

As you know, the blade of the knife is quite solid, and this in turn is its disadvantage. And if you drop it on the floor or throw it into the sink, then this is fraught with the appearance of chips, scratches on the blade.

It is also not possible to sharpen such a knife on the most ordinary sharpener stone, and therefore you will have to buy a special sharpener with diamond spraying to the knife, since only it can sparkle a knife qualitatively.

This knife is not suitable for cutting bones, cutting frozen firm foods, chicks of nuts and the rest, as this can ruin it. It can also damage it can cut products on a glass board. It is best to cut products on a wooden board or on a plastic board.

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