In pursuit of cosmetics which is better to choose

The popularity of a variety of cosmetics is perhaps as a rating of bookmakers in Russia. Today is popular one and tomorrow everyone shouts about the excellent effect of a completely different. It happens that you can get lost what means is worth buying and which.

Well, firstly, do not chase fashion. She always walks ahead of seven -mini steps, and, catching it up, you can put a lot of experiments on itself, but not achieve the desired result.

First you need to decide what type of product do you need. It can be moisturizing agents for dry skin, or vice versa removes oily shine. Cleansing scrubs and masks, facial skin or behind the whole body.

Buying funds for care should only after you have decided on your own skin type. And it is advisable to go shopping at the pharmacy. So there are really a lot of caring cosmetics, which is designed specifically to combat certain problems. Also, do not pay attention to funds with the inscription “For all skin types”. It does not happen that the tool helps with any problems. Each problem needs its own individual method of struggle. For example, dry skin products can be badly harmful if they are applied to oily skin. Also for a combined one, it is worth selecting a separate tool for each site.

Also do not be afraid to try any of the folk remedies. Any cosmetics are made on the basis of natural ingredients, therefore, why not try a cucumber mask whitening skin. Or mask made of sour cream, which gives smoothness and elasticity to the skin. At home, it is easy to prepare belongings for the whole body, based on honey and ground coffee. Such a scrub very effectively cleanses the skin, I make it pleasant to the touch.

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