How to choose a perfume for a man what you need to know

One of the best gifts for a loved one at all times was men’s perfumery. But it is quite difficult to choose it, because it is necessary to understand the tastes and addictions of a loved one well.

What is the difference between feminine and male aromas?

Toilet water for the strong half of humanity, usually much more concentrated. Perhaps the reason for this is the lack of time for an extra trip to stores. In addition, the design of the bottle is undoubtedly more strict and sustained in the traditions of the classics. This is due to the practicality of men, for whom, first of all, the essence is important, not the external design. As for the smell directly, then wood-grass notes and fresh aromas are dominated by.

In recent years, the assortment of male perfumes has expanded significantly, which is associated with more free views on the life and place of a man in society, in general. Add diversity and modern achievements and research in this area.

How to choose a fragrance for a man?

In fact, this is not so difficult, just answer a few questions.

First, what style of clothing is preferred by a young man? Perhaps he loves strict costumes or, conversely, sports pulver. Maybe his image is a jeans trigger and shabby pants?

Secondly, with whom of the famous world can you compare a man: with a famous politician, insidious movie macho, a romantic hero?

Thirdly, what pastime a person prefers.

Based on the answers, it is easy to draw a conclusion about the nature of the man and choose the corresponding aroma. For example, a strong -willed businessman is suitable from Hugo Boss or Chanel. A creative personality will appreciate the works from Giorgio Armani, Alfred Dunhill, Christian Dior. An energetic young man will appeal to Cartier, Klein Calvin or Tommy Hilfiger.

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