12 advantages of composite pools what is important to know

In Europe and America, the technology for the manufacture of composite bowls for pools is known and is used by all advanced companies. As for our edges, unfortunately, we still produce concrete bowls more often than composite. One of the reasons for this is the lack of information about what such pools are good.

What is the composite pool?

The composite is called artificial material, which consists of several layers soldered in one. Pools with composite bowls are made of fiberglass. Its structure consists of fiberglass and polymer resins. The components of the fiberglass are applied to many layers, due to which the fiberglass is strong and elastic.

In addition to fiberglass, a layer of paint or ceramics is included in the production of the composite pool. The thickness of the fiberglass is only ten millimeters, and the strength is much larger than that of the concrete bowl.

12 advantages of composite pools

Composite pools have a number of the following advantages:

Increased strength;

Long service life;

Smaller weight;

Low thermal conductivity;

Good elasticity;

Speed ​​and simplicity of installation;

Improved quality;

Complexity and variety of forms of bowls;

Modern color solutions;

A lightweight way of care;



When buying a pool with a composite bowl, you get European quality at a reasonable price. You also get an unlimited choice, about the shape and colors of the pool, so that it best fits into the design of your house.

The composite pool will be an excellent acquisition, which will lead to delight, family and all friends.

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