We make a bedroom according to the rules what is important to know

The bedroom is a special place in the house. Here is an aura of rest and warmth, comfort and peace. It is not without reason, housing arrangement specialists do not recommend holding the doors of this room open so that the accidental gaze of guests does not violate the harmony of the resting place.

There are several recommendations of designers and psychologists on the design of the bedroom. Let’s start with the simplest – bedding and curtains. Sheets and blankets are better to choose from natural materials. They are not only pleasant to the touch, but also retain the natural energy, which will be transmitted to the owner. The choice of covers is now very great. It’s easier to buy a blanket in an online store, but if there is time, you can also run in boutiques. When choosing curtains, consider that the fabric should be especially dense, otherwise the first rays of the sun will not let you sleep. For a married couple, one large mattress is needed, and not two and a half, lying nearby. Divided into two halves of the bed – a symbol of quarrels and strife in the house.

Try to put the bed so that it does not adjoin the window, and the sleeper does not lie to the exit. The presence of large mirrors in the room, especially facing the box. They say they can bring misfortunes to the family.

When choosing a color scheme, stop at soft, unobtrusive tones. The walls should be either plain or with a dim light pattern.

If there are indoor flowers in the bedroom – make sure that they do not make too strong aroma. In addition, you remember, plants without light consume a large amount of oxygen. So in this matter you should not overdo it.

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