Starry hair shielding procedure to protect it

The action of the entire procedure is based on the surprisingly useful characteristics of argan oil. Moreover, the oil refers to the most expensive and valuable substances. Oil production takes place in Morocco from the unique fetus of the woody plant of Argania. If you ask specialists, they will tell that the composition of the oil is very similar to a secret released by the sebaceous glands located in the region of the hair, which protects our hair from harm from the outside.

Stages of shielding

To carry out the phased shielding procedure, you need to buy a set for shielding Estelle. The process includes three main stages:

The structure of our hair is equalized, moistened with a two -phase light air conditioner.

Restored, also strengthened the damaged structure with special oil.

Ensuring the protection of the outer layer of the hair, also giving the volume with brilliance using a special composition of oil-glue.

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