How to choose bedding for bedrooms Important points

Any mistress, choosing bedding, hopes that it will last her for a long time. In fact, the sheets are torn, the drawing on the duvetails fades, and the pillowcases after a while are hard to wash off. And so the woman comes to the idea that it would be nice to buy bedding in bulk, however, it is sometimes more profitable to get a few high -quality sets of bedding than to suffer with cheap duvet.

How to competently choose good quality bedding? The article will help to find the answer to this question. It is enough to pay attention to the following signs.


It should indicate information about:

– manufacturer, indicating the phone and address;

– The composition of the fabric (the percentage of cotton, synthetics and other material);

– the content of the kit indicating the size of each part;

– Bed linen care tips.

It is better not to contact a product on which the label is poorly printed and hastily glued, and besides, without indicating the manufacturer coordinates.


Poor -quality fabric is distinguished by a translucent, rarefied structure that does not survive and a couple of washes. The manufacturer can indicate on the label the intensity density, which speaks in his favor. Cotton and linen bedding should be more than 60 interweaving, the density of the batista linen is 20-30, satin and silk-more linen more stronger and durable, the greater its density.


Sniff to the chosen laundry. High -quality linen has the smell only textiles and nothing else. If there is a smell of paint, then there is a high probability that linen is polished, it can cause allergies, and, in some cases, and poisoning.

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