Uggy – boots from Australia Distinctive features of shoes

Stylish, fashionable, warm, comfortable and very comfortable boots, are there such? Yes, such shoes exist, and it is called ugg. This season they are at the peak.

Uggs are warm and stylish boots that look like ordinary boots, but such shoes are made exclusively from natural sheepskin, while the sheepskin should be an exceptionally defined sheep breed – merinos.

For the first time, the uggs sewed in Australia about two hundred years ago, and such shoes were used exclusively as a working. The first ugg boots looked rather rude and did not enjoy special popularity. Only in the 1970s did their wide production began.

Today ugg boots are of various colors, styles and different lengths. You can wear ugg boots in any weather and in any season, they will fit any clothes, whether it be trousers, leggings and jeans, or skirts and shorts.

Low short uggs can be put on tightening, jeans or leggings with leggings, they will look no less good with voluminous dresses and tunics made of wool. Uggs to the knee high will be perfectly combined with tunics, dresses, sweaters and skirts. The main thing is that socks or golfs do not stick out of them.

Uggs are in great demand in America, besides, these are your favorite shoes of many Hollywood stars. Uggs are worn by women, men and children in any weather and at any time of the year.

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