The use of tampons in the life of girls what to take into account

There are many questions related to the use of tampons, but especially often, from what age are the tampons allowed. Experts say that with the advent of the very first menstruation and their use is allowed and it is worth finding out before that how to use tampons of girls.

How to use girls tampons?

When a girl-girl decides to purchase such a convenient hygienic agent, be sure to pay attention to the size of the tampon. Basically, the so-called mini-stamps are considered suitable, they are minimal in length and diameter. There are even special teenage swabs that produce several trademarks.

With the help of the most tender coating, the introduction of such hygiene products will occur without a hint of discomfort. Beginners are offered to start with tampons that have a mini-applian. The first tampons may be those where Procomfort Mini, Light or Light Days are present.

It is important – learn how to introduce them correctly. It is best to use tampons in the first 2-3 days, then the volume of menstrual discharge is the most maximum. And for the following days, daily or ordinary gaskets are suitable.

Let’s look at how to correctly introduce tampons for girls. If it is located correctly, the girl will simply forget about its existence, since there will be no discomfort.

For starters – wash your hands and genitals.

Find a convenient pose, most often suits squatting or over the toilet, with diluted legs.

Take the swab with a thumb and middle finger so that its rounded edge is directed in the vagina.

Slowly, gently, enter it at an angle to the lower back so that only a thread remains outside.

Wash your hands again.

And most importantly, remember: you need to make a change of your swab every 4 hours.

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