The family begins with two loving people of her husband and wife

Almost all family psychologists and psychotherapists claim that the family begins with two loving people. A happy married couple, in which trust and mutual understanding reigns, is the key to a strong family and healthy relationships with children. The creation of a family is the work of both the wife and husband, both spouses should work together for the benefit of their joint future and the future of their children.

So that the family should be a strong spouse to communicate with each other, spend as much free time as possible with each other, share their successes and failures, support each other. They should have at least a few common goals to which they are striving together. It can be a simple desire to go to rest in another country or make repairs, and there may be more global goals, for example, build a house, buy a car.

Spouses must take care of each other and develop together. If the family has a child, then he should not see quarrels of parents. As a rule, children adopt the behavior and family model from their parents. You should not count on the fact that the birth of a child can strengthen the shaken relations between the spouses, on the contrary, the married couple is experiencing a crisis in the first year of the baby’s life and only strong relations withstand the test.

As a rule, after marriage, a feeling of tenderness and trepidation between his wife and husband is lost, in no case should this be allowed. You need to be patient to each other, often hug, kiss, arrange romantic evenings and walks. Tender relationships create a favorable emotional background in the family, which has a beneficial effect on both parents themselves and children.

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