Textile as part of the interior important points of choice

When the house has recently been repairs, everything seems perfect, but, as a rule, there is not always completeness. It grabs properly selected textiles, you can buy good textiles by watching the online store of Ivanovo textiles. To make a re -finished house look one hundred percent ideal, everything should be combined in it, the soul should be felt in everything.

It’s bad when everything was just finished at home, and something incomprehensible from the last century hangs on the windows, so as to just cover the window, and the dear new sofa covers an incomprehensible type of plaid, no matter what a cat is scratched. This is very much reminiscent of older people who kept the remote control from the TV in a cellophane bag.

Curtains should emphasize the general style of the house, creating the atmosphere of completeness, for this it should be either darker or brighter than the general tonality of the aged in the whole house. A blanket on the couch should be no worse than the sofa itself in appearance, why then a beautiful sofa if it is covered with an incomprehensible look with a rag? Even towels and bedding should be in the general spirit of interior idea. It happens that the owners try in all that would create an attractive atmosphere in the house, and the guests do not notice this, only because the napkin on the nightstand in the hall has a rude and disgusting look. In this way, it would seem, a trifle, or can ruin the whole picture completely.

When choosing textiles, it is necessary to take into account the time of the year in which it will be in the house, as there is a winter version and a light summer. It is also impossible to neglect the color scheme, the parts of the house that you would like to visually expand, be highlighted in a lighter tone, and on the contrary, a darker and rich tone will remove excess massiveness.

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