How to deal with jealousy tips from a psychologist

When two people meet and understand that they love each other and do not want to part, most often they make a joint decision to start living in a place. Regardless of whether they registered their relationship or not, after the two gathered, family life is already beginning. At first, everything goes wonderful, lovers adore each other, do not notice small and even major flaws, life together seems to be a paradise on earth. But suddenly one of them from wherever it gets a terrible and painful feeling – jealousy. It arises completely suddenly, completely masters a person, poisons his life and literally does not allow him to breathe.

There are several rules that will help to understand how to overcome jealousy. It is not recommended to roll tantrums, scandals, monitor your loved one, view the calls of his mobile phone and messages by e -mail, also search pockets. Firstly, it is humiliating for a person in case of unreasonableness of your jealousy. He will be offended by your actions, and this can very negatively affect your relationship and even lead to their gap. But you would not want this, really? After all, if you are jealous, then a person is really dear to you. If your jealousy is not unreasonable, then the second half is unlikely to cease to give you a reason, but you will look very unsightly in this situation.

To get the upper hand, you need to try to show composure. It is necessary to carefully think about your words and actions, not allow emotions to take over yourself. Do not let your fantasy play and continue, think, suddenly your suspicions are absolutely groundless? In addition, everyone has long known that jealousy arises due to low self-esteem, that is, you think that someone is smarter, more beautiful and better than you. Are you really ready to agree with this?

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