Techniques for installing stretch ceilings Tips for professionals

The traditional stages of repair are the decoration of walls, floor and ceilings. And if everything is clear with the first: it is enough to choose high -quality plaster, suitable wallpapers and understand the differences of the laminate, then the latter is a little more difficult. Unfortunately, quite often residents puzzle over how to get rid of cracks and connecting seams above their heads with high quality and for a long time. And the solution, in fact, is and it is quite simple – this is the installation of stretch ceilings.

Work can be entrusted to a professional, but, if there is time and desire, it is not difficult to cope on your own. The design of the curtains should also correspond to the theme of the ceilings, it is worth remembering when choosing a fabric and ordering sewing curtains.

First of all, it is necessary to mark and, using a hydraulicarian, calculate the lowest angle, from which the height of the rail is counted down – 3.5 cm. Further, according to the marked level, the profile is attached: to self -tapping screws or special enthusiasts, depending on the quality of the walls.

A prerequisite for work is the heating of the room to 60-70 ° C, through a heat gun. Fasten the ceiling to the profile – sequentially, from the point indicated by the manufacturer, as angle “a”. Next, the opposite end of the stretch ceiling is mounted. Then, according to the same principle, the second pair of angles. At the end, the outline of the wall from the center to the sides is attached. The process occurs manually or using an angular spatula.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to fix the chandelier or lamps.

To cleanse the surface, it is allowed to use window wiping based on alcohol.

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