Clothing for fitness what important points of choice

If you have decided to do fitness, then you first need to take care of the new equipment, since your sports fuse will quickly fade away. If you come to fitness classes in an old T -shirt and shorts.

The range of sportswear is huge today. Thanks to the popularization of the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle, sports equipment is very in demand, which is why the assortment of stores is regularly updated.

The main requirement for any clothing for playing sports is comfort and convenience. Clothing should not be burned, and cut the seams into the body and rub, while the details should not complicate running or jumping. If the costume rests with movements, then the likelihood of injury increases, and the discomfort in psychological terms will nullify all efforts to get rid of excess calories. Therefore, you should not buy clothes by size less than necessary. You naturally fail to lose weight instantly, and the clothes for sports are quickly wear out, which means that you will like to buy a new one, but smaller, but smaller.

Fitness clothes should smell and sweat, it turns out that cotton materials are not suitable. Modern fabrics with the addition of LEKRA do not absorb sweat and smell.

After the first lesson, you can decide on the choice of a bottom of the costume. For classical aerobics, it is better to buy long pants from elastic light fabric and convenient top. If your breasts are larger than the first size, buy a sports bra special cut. For fitness, choose sneakers or sneakers.

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