Short haircuts of the new season views and features

Short female haircuts have always attracted women. Such hairstyles are fashionable and they do not require special care. They are especially convenient for active women who can not always allocate time to care for long hair. A short haircut makes it possible to have a fairly simple, but at the same time stylish appearance. And this is one of the main reasons why women choose such hairstyles.

If you already have a short haircut, then in order to update it, you can contact a stylist. He will offer to diversify the strands or change the bangs and so on.

The most fashionable haircuts are “Bob” and “Pixie”. It should be noted that Bob has been fashionable since the beginning of the 20th century. It can be made with strands and without them. She is ideal for women with straight hair. But not everyone is suitable for everyone.

Short female haircuts in the style of “pixie” are always fashionable and glamorous. Previously, this haircut was worn with curls, and this was considered very fashionable. Now this style is returning again.

The reason for the great popularity of the pixie haircut is that it is able to give femininity. Curls give negligence and tenderness to the image. This negligence and light sloppiness is quite popular among teenagers and girls. The addition of bright colors that hairstyle will make a more attractive one in the vortices of the haircut.

There is another hairstyle that will be fashionable next season, we are talking about layered haircut. She fits the oval of the face favorably and increases hair volume. There are a large many modifications of this haircut. The stern of this is used various color variations. The layered hairstyle is sometimes called a more modern version of the “bob” haircut.

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