How to choose thermal underwear for a man Features

The main task of thermal underwear is to preserve the heat released by the body. In addition to maintaining heat, thermal underwear removes moisture, maintaining the correct regulation of the heat exchange of the skin. Therefore, it is perfect for men not only for everyday wear, but also as basic underwear during classes in the gym, outdoor activities, hiking in the mountains, hunting, fishing and other male hobbies.

The composition of the product is different – acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wool. Most often, models are created from a combination of two or three types of matters. Cotton and wool in their pure form create some kind of discomfort, but the combination of these two fibers makes the laundry pleasant and retains the balance of the skin in conditions of sharp temperature differences. Synthetic materials are more durable, they have several advantages over natural fabrics, but also some disadvantages.

So, for example, propylene linen has the best hydrophobic properties, which makes it indispensable in conditions of high humidity. The disadvantage of this material is a strong absorption of body odors. Polyester rushes well, does not roll, keeps warmth well and is more suitable for the cold season. But the combination of polyester with cotton is the best option for underwear, both in cold and warm weather. Lingerie with the addition of acrylic has high characteristics: it fits perfectly on the body, repeating its structure, which ensures lightness and freedom of movement; It does not fall, it is easy to clean, dries quickly; It has a lightweight.

So, for going to work or for a walk, at a temperature of at least zero, linen from cotton fabrics is suitable. Lingerie with the addition of wool will not let the body hypother. Polyester or acrylic in combination with wool – ideal for men engaged in extreme sports.

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