Secrets of beautiful hair what you need to know

What girl does not dream of thick, well -groomed hair? But a lot of stains, chemical curls, everyday styling, just poor ecology, vitaminosis and hormonal differences after childbirth do their black work. Every day there are more and more hairs on the comb … And now we have to think about the question of how to make up for their lack.

Previously, wigs were the only way out. But they are imperfect: an unnatural look, a very large price, difficulty with dressing. In addition, in the summer, during the heat, it is not easy to wear them at all.

Now many more modern and successful technologies have appeared.

The easiest option is natural hair on hairpins, capsules, tresses, ribbons or micro -rings. They are attached quite easily and are felt as relatives.

In addition, there are several salon buildings.

According to Italian and English technology, the strands are attached through a heated resin. Less successful – the Spanish version, after which you can not go to the sauna, swim in the sea or stand in the shower for a long time. But, the undoubted advantage of the method is the transparency of glue, which blonde will appreciate. The most popular mount is using beads, 5 mm from hair roots adapted.

With any increase in extension, once every few months, it is necessary to make a correction. Also, special care will be required. Make sure that the mounting places do not contact with curling iron, ironing, curlers. Dream with wet hair is not allowed. Combing should be neat: massage brush with rare cloves. If necessary, painting or styling should contact a specialist.

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