Search for rented housing underwater stones of the process

Suddenly two young people meet and understand that their future life without each other does not make sense. I want to see myself as often as possible and almost do not part. The question arises of the beginning of life. If you meet in a newspaper or on the Internet site an ad like: I will rent a 1 room apartment in Kyiv without intermediaries, we can say with confidence that a young couple is looking for removable meters in order to crucify.

Rent an apartment without intermediaries, of course, cheaper, but you can easily become a victim of scammers. Even if you have concluded a lease agreement with them, in the event of an infusion, he will not save you. The deceivers will evaporate without a trace, and you will not prove anything even in court, and no one will look for them. On the other hand, such an announcement will not be easy to find, because they are often given by the same agencies, indicating different phones.

It is much easier to cooperate with the agency, at least from the point of view that scammers do not turn to them, and there is a kind of natural selection. Agents most often take a commission fee equal in terms of amount

the one that you pay for a month of rental housing, plus you will be obliged to pay the key to the owner of the apartment that is the same amount. If there are no violations on your part, damage to property, and if you warn the owner about your intention to move out, and not in two or three days, you will live the last month for free. Simply put, you will have to immediately pay the amount of monthly payment in a triple size, and for many young families this is a difficult task. In some cases, you can agree with the owner that you will pay a deposit next month or break it into several parts.

But, concluding an agreement with the agency, you can be sure that you will live in this apartment exactly the time that is indicated in the contract, and do not fly out at any time. Otherwise, you have every right to demand a penalty.

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