Home air conditioners how to choose a good and inexpensive model

Modern air conditioning systems in the air have become an integral part of a comfortable climate in the house or at the workplace. The air conditioners are no longer “simple” air conditioners, now in addition to their direct duties – air cooling, air conditioners perform other functions – filtering and cleaning air, ventilation of the room (street air). To make it easier for you to choose an air conditioner for your home, you need to understand their categories, the division into which occurs depending on the scope of application.

Wall split system. The most common type of air conditioners today. Such an air conditioner consists of a compressor or an external unit installed on the street and one block of the room, if several blocks are installed inside the room, such air conditioning is called multi -splitting a system. Wall split systems differ in power, a set of functions, operating mode, dimensions, manufacturer, design and, of course, worth.

Floor and ceiling air conditioners are installed, as a rule, if it is impossible to install a wall split system. In this case, the internal block is mounted under the ceiling. This type of air conditioners fit perfectly into the interior of the room, and in their functional capabilities are not inferior to wall split systems.

The window air conditioner consists of only one block, which combines the evaporator and compressor. It is mounted in the window opening. Nowadays, air conditioners are rarely used quite rarely, their only plus is the ability to install on their own.

Mobile air conditioners do not need to install stationary. The use of such an air conditioner is convenient if you need to constantly move it, or if you do not have the opportunity to install a split system or a window air conditioner.

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