How to choose the Clothes of Choice Closure Closure

Who set parameters 90-60-90? Why are thin girls considered beautiful, and the full ones try not to leave the house once again? Thinking the case in society? No, the problem lies in the most complete girl who does not love herself and does not know how to dress stylishly.

Now, there are many clothing stores specializing only in large sizes. For example, a large -sized clothing factory has the following motto – “Beauty, delight and amazement”. It is such feelings to test that the store promises to its customers. There are disadvantages? Head higher and forward for shopping. Turn your weaknesses into strong.

You will only need to remember a few simple rules on how to choose large clothes.

Refuse voluminous clothes, as it visually increases the figure, and does not hide the fullness.

Go around youth stores. Mini and skirt shorts are not your option. It is better to look after yourself several special stores of large sizes and visit them. There you can buy clothes and comfortable and favorably emphasizing your forms.

Shorted classic clothing options are an excellent choice.

Always measure the thing in the store.

When choosing large clothes, pay attention to the color. Only plain and dark clothes should not have in your wardrobe. A beautiful bright dress will also be appropriate.

Try to choose things that give the shape to the figure. For example, on full girls, a pencil skirt looks great, strict Blayser.

Clothing made of shiny fabric for full ladies is a taboo! Better look at clothes made of dense fabric. Clothing with a small print will look a lot.

Full girls may look spectacular if they know their price, understand fashion and can create their own unique image. Only one who does not love himself looks ugly.

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