Rules for refueling cartridges for jet printers

Today, many offices use jet printers, the seal on which is carried out using special ink, which quickly dry when in contact with the air. The essence of the work of string printers is that during the printout the thin channels of the cartridge are filled with ink, if air penetrates these channels, then the ink can dry, while clogging all the channels. Take cartridges only in a trusted company.

The refueling of cartridges for jet printers should always be carried out efficiently and on time and preferably until the end of the ink is completely in the cartridge. In the event that the cartridge was not refueled in a timely manner and the ink in it ended, then before refueling it, the cartridge must be held for several hours on a soft wet napkin with a shiny surface upward. Also, for the best effect, the napkin can be moistened with a special liquid to restore the heads that have dried up.

When refueling the cartridge, you need to be very careful, do not touch its metal contacts and the shiny surface of the print head. It is extremely undesirable to put the cartridge on a hard surface with golden contacts or head.

The proper care and use of cartridges will ensure not only the printer’s long operation and high -quality printing, but also a very economical consumption of materials. Regardless of whether the cartridge is original or it is made by another manufacturer, it is refueling for the first time or repeatedly, during its operation all the rules must be observed that are justified by the technological features of the inkjet printers and their printing method.

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