We select furniture for a small apartment

Many worries the question of how comfortable and tasteful to furnish the apartment. But they ate the apartment of not large sizes, then the furniture should be compact and at the same time functional. For example, a cabinet compartment Moscow this place where it can be chosen in any option. The wardrobe is just that piece of furniture, which is spacious and fits well into the apartment of small dimensions. Its method of opening doors helps, save a mass of free space. In addition, a good roomy cabinet will notice a dressing room, and will be an excellent place for storing such things as, for example, a vacuum cleaner, ironing board or folding drying for linen.

If the bedroom is very small, then you can blow about the folding bed. This is a wonderful piece of furniture, it serves as a convenient bed during sleep, and easily cleans the wall. Thus, you get free space. And you can sleep on a good bed, not on the couch.

The shelves on the walls perfectly replace the bookcase, and on them you can conveniently store all sorts of things.

Also, in no large sizes, the apartment will fit well the window sill. This can serve as a great place to relax, and also in it you can make boxes for storing large things. The window silling bench is beautiful and stylish, adding to the overall interior the effect of coziness.

In an apartment with a small kitchen, you can make a studio, the kitchen area is separated from the zone of the living room with a bar counter, or a low parapet. This repair looks expensive and significantly adds space.

The walls of light pastel colors will look good in small rooms. This will visually expand the room, do not forget about the mirrors, they will give a feeling of space. But it is better to refuse heavy bulky furniture, in a small apartment it will look ridiculous and not in its place. Prefer light multifunctional furniture.

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