Proper care for shoes recommendations and rules

It’s no secret that FABI shoes should serve at least three years, but this is not always the case.

Dirt, rain, chemical reagents significantly reduce the life of even the highest quality shoes. But, if you follow the advice given below, then you can significantly increase the service life of your shoes.

First, get yourself the habit of using shoe cream, not an ordinary shoe wrapping sponge. Before applying the cream to shoes, it is necessary to clean it of dirt and dust, let it dry well, besides, this should not be done before going outside, because in this case the cream will not have time to absorb, and, consequently, activate protective properties. In autumn and winter at low temperatures, use a cream that contains organic solvents, and in the spring and summer, when the temperature is much higher, use emulsion creams, since they perfectly pass the air and dissolve well well.

Do not dry shoes under or on the battery so as not to dry it. The best way to dry shoes is to wipe it with a rag dry after washing, and then fill it with old newspapers from the inside. The newspaper quickly absorbs excess fluid and shoes will dry out.

Do not use a hard brush for cleaning shoes made of varnished leather, it is better to wipe it with a flannel rag. To clean shoes from suede, purchase a special brush that needs to be held over the steam before use. Spots and dirt are easy to wash with a solution of water, soap and ammonia alcohol. Upon completion of the cleaning process, process sucking shoes with a special water -repellent agent.

Genuine leather shoes immediately after the purchase must be spread abundantly with cream, wait until the cream is absorbed, and then thoroughly polish.

Buy for a season at least 2 – 4 pairs of shoes that could be changed at least once a day.

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