How to choose a quality and inexpensive vacuum cleaner

Today, a very large selection of vacuum cleaners is presented in the household appliance market. It is quite difficult to choose one of them, the most suitable. The main companies that are considered the most reliable are Bosch vacuum cleaners, a German company with excellent quality, as well as a leader, perhaps, can be called Koreans Samsung. This company provides a maximum of models, with a wide variety of possibilities.

Vacuum cleaners differ mainly in power, degree of filtration, and the structure of the vacuumber. There are the main three types of vacuum cleaners. Bag, container, and aqua-sprayer. Further about each separately.

A bag type of vacuum cleaner, this is the simplest and oldest type. It has existed for a long time, and is popular for even that, is considered the most powerful and high -quality. This is true, bags of vacuumers are much better in this regard of their brothers. But a significant minus of such a vacuum cleaner is a regular change of disposable bag, or, an unpleasant procedure for devastating a constant bag.

The container type of vacuum cleaner is more new, and the stitch of view of convenience is a clear leader. There is no need to change bags, and the devastation of the container is not difficulties. But from the point of view of the power of such a vacuum cleaner, then it is significantly inferior to the bag.

A good position is occupied by a aqua-sprayer, this model has completely combined the good power of the bag vacuum cleaner, and the convenience of the container. Such a vacuum cleaner copes quite well with cleaning, and has one significant advantage over all other models, it does not allow air pollution at the output. The only drawback of aqua filtration is that such a vacuum cleaner weighs a lot.

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