Repair in the room for the child what to take into account before starting

Any repair is a troublesome business, requiring considerable effort and money. But in a situation where the state of the children’s room is unsatisfactory, the answer is unequivocal. For this period, your favorite child is best entrusted to my grandmother. Construction dust and smell of paint and varnish materials can cause allergic diseases in a child, and tools often cause child injuries. Having outlined the work plan and the timing of their implementation, we proceed to the purchase of materials. The main ones, such as paint, linoleum, are best purchased at the very beginning, having previously decided on color and texture. It depends on the planned design. Thus, you can save time and finish the work on time.

In the process of repair, it must be borne in mind that the room should be warm, ventilated, bright, isolated from noise, safe for the life and health of the child. Therefore, choose environmental materials. Paper wallpaper is the most successful choice for children’s. Today their quality and strength are not inferior to any other types. Metal -plastic windows solve two issues at once: the absence of drafts and safety (windows of windows are either blocked or have special keys). And for walls and floor it will be advisable to use the organite that provides waterproofing walls and insulations the floor.

Design of a children’s room

Creating the interior design of the nursery, you can embody both your own fantasies and the wishes of the baby. The main thing is that in the baby’s room the space is correctly divided into zones (for sleep, study, games), the color scheme is withstanded with taste, and safe functional furniture was used.

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