Natural hair masks as prepare at home

All women want to be owners of beautiful hair, but hair, like a person, prone to fatigue and disease. The causes of not the best hair condition can be due to hormonal age-related changes, constant stress, improper lifestyle. Frequent staining and curling also have an adverse effect on the hair.

It is not necessary to run to the hairdresser to put the hair in order. It may well be enough to make natural hair masks from the ingredients that are stored at home.

Damage mask.

Mix a teaspoon of castor and a spoon of burdock oil, add two teaspoons of birch or lemon juice. Grease your hair with this mixture and warm your head, putting on a hat or wrapping a towel. Leave the mask for several hours. Wash it. It is advisable to apply the mask daily for several weeks.

Dry hair.

Grind two hundred grams of rye bread, pour warm water, leave for five hours in an enameled bowl for swelling, covered with a lid. After add the egg and mix thoroughly. Apply a mask to the hair, rubbing into the skin. Cover your head, warm and hold the mask for about forty minutes. Rinse with ordinary water without using shampoo.

Mask for all types of hair.

Combine two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of cognac, two yolks. Apply the mask by parting and evenly distribute from the ends to the roots. Having smashed the skin and hair well, put on a hat or wrap your head with something. Leave thirty minutes. Rinse the mask yellow egg or shampoo.

Hair no worse than the eye reflect the state of mind. They are obedient among positive people and give out women who sit on new -fangled diets and do not observe the diet.

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