Technology and types of eyelash extension features

Long eyelashes are always beautiful and attractive. Girls use lengthening carcasses, apply special oils to eyelashes – all this is done for the desired millimeters. Today there is a way to lengthen your eyelashes for a certain period of time – this is an extension. This service is provided in almost every beauty salon, for example, eyelash extensions in Biryulyovo are available to any good girl.

Many argue about whether this procedure is harmful to the eyelashes, there is no unequivocal answer to this, but, of course, it all depends on technology and materials for increasing. The procedure itself takes a little time, about an hour.

Before the start of building, the master will remove mascara, completely degrease your eyelashes, and then begin to work. Building is carried out from the outer corner of the eye to the internal. To date, beauty salons offer two extension technologies: traditional and Japanese. The traditional extension consists in gluing bundles of several cilia, as a rule, each eye accounts for several such bundles that are attached to natural eyelashes. Japanese technology involves building one cilia, such a procedure is more time -consuming, but at the same time more reliable and practical. Eyelashes extended using Japanese technology stay for about four months. A special glue is used for eyelashes, based on cosmetic resins, it can be either colorless or black.

For greater naturalness and ease of extension, eyelashes of different lengths are used, so long cilia are glued to the outer corners of the eye, short and even cilia on the upper part of the century, and bent and slightly shortened on the inner corner of the eye. Thanks to this procedure, every girl can make her gaze more open and expressive.

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