How to choose a high -quality print with print

Almost any girl in the wardrobe has T -shirts, this convenient and practical piece of clothing can be worn for a walk, on a date and even for work. Women’s T -shirts can have a free and tight cut. Today it is fashionable to wear t -shirts with various prints and with images of famous personalities, for example, T -shirt Monica Bellucci is popular and in demand among many young girls.

In addition to portraits of famous personalities, t -shirts depict various caricatures, comic drawings, calls and various inscriptions. Often t -shirts are decorated with embroidery, beads and rhinestones.

When choosing a print with a print, it is worth paying attention to its quality, since today in stores, along with high -quality goods, T -shirts of low -quality materials are presented, the drawing with which will come or crack at the first wash. Firstly, high-quality T-shirt should be made of natural materials, then it will be comfortable and convenient for you in it. As a rule, t -shirts are made of cotton, t -shirts from knitwear are also popular, they stretch well and sit well in figure.

Secondly, pay attention to the drawing itself, it should be as if soldered into the material and not have cracks. Such a print can be applied in several ways, but most often with the help of sublimation printing. The process of such printing is quite complicated: first the pattern is applied to special paper, and then with the help of a hot press it is transferred to the fabric.

It’s easy to care for a T -shirt with a print: you can wash it both manually and in a washing machine at a water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees; It is desirable to iron such a T -shirt from the wrong side, so as not to damage the drawing.

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