Moving according to the rules that it is important to know the features of the process

Moving to a new apartment is always a joyful and exciting event. It is filled with many pleasant anticipations and bright hopes. At the same time, it is very difficult not to get confused and do everything as it should be. No wonder folk wisdom says: “Two moves are equal to one fire”. About how not to spoil the event with painful memories – this article.

First of all, you need to plan everything in advance. Delivery of things can be organized independently or using special firms. Nowadays, there are many companies providing cargo transportation by gazelle or other suitable transport.

Then you should sort and pack the things you take with you. Remember that in this process, as a rule, a complete chaos is formed in the house. So, first of all, all values ​​should be postponed: documents, money, jewelry. Secondly, prepare large building plastic bags and ask, in the nearest store, cardboard boxes. Linen and not imaginary clothes are better to put in bags and bags. It is advisable to transport costumes and expensive dresses in special covers. Dishes and a variety of fragile objects must be packaged in boxes by laying newspapers, towels or kitchens between them. It is best to make out furniture, otherwise it is likely that you have to buy a new.

Be sure to postpone separately what you need in a new place in the first place. Sign bags and boxes. Use the move to sort and get rid of unnecessary rubbish.

Good luck!

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