What are double beds distinguishing features

No married couple can imagine their life without a sleeping bed. After all, this is not only an attribute of a healthy sleep, but also a place of an intimate sacrament, where a new life should arise. The most popular family lodges are double beds. Their main advantage is universality – both one person and the whole family (parents with children) can sleep on it).

Modern beds can be of different configurations (oval, round, square, rectangular, high, low, with a head of and without, with additional functions and comfort elements) and sizes). Standards for double beds are the following parameters: one hundred and eighty centimeters width and two hundred centimeters length, as well as a European size – two hundred see. Two hundred and ten cm.

Type of design

Double beds, like any others, differ in the type of their design:

The royal beds – the tsarks serve as a support for the mattress, they are made of special wood plates;

Beds with hinged backs – this design consists of a box, supporting bars and two backs (foot and head), the backs are made from chipboard and attached to the box with bolts;

Transformers beds – such a bed consists of a metal base and mechanism, a soft sleeping place, decorating elements (made of wood, metal plastic and other materials). Transformers bed mechanisms are divided into several types: folding (book or click-clock); unfolding (accordion); rolling out; folding and rotary-oxide.

In order to choose the right family box, you need to take into account some points: the specifics of the design of the bedroom; dimensions of the bedroom; individual wishes and preferences; as well as the convenience and comfort of a one or another bed model.

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