Lipstick or shine what to choose the tips of the makeup artist

What the helpful cosmetologists do not invent for the joy of us, women. Every year, more and more new skin care products appear, to combat age problems or simply, to create a unique style. Any modern boutique or online perfume store is replete with blush, mascara, shadows and tonal bases of all colors and a wide variety of textures.

In this article I would like to talk about the poles and minuses of lipstick and lip glosses. Since their appearance there are ladies who prefer one or another product. Everyone has their pros and cons of. So let’s figure it out.

Lipstick – gives a more saturated tone, which means that it can be applied when the lips must be emphasized in makeup. Shine – on the contrary, will be required when creating an emphasis on the eye.

Lipstick – has, in most cases, a matte structure. Irreplaceable for the style of the 60-70s. and for a full mouth. Shine always creates the effect of volume, which means the owners of small sponges are needed.

The need to correct makeup much less often arises among lovers of lipstick, there are even super -resistant options holding up to 18 hours. But the shine, in turn, does not require such careful application.

Both may include sparkles, mother of pearl. In both cases, the use of a contour pencil is necessary for a high -quality image. Palette of flowers, also, is diverse in all versions.

In other words, the account between lipstick and brilliance is perhaps equal. Both funds have the right to decent existence in a female cosmetic bag.

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