Choosing a chandelier tips from professionals

When we call in a new apartment or make repairs in our own, I want to change the chandelier, because it fit into the updated interior and not get out of the color scheme, and I would like lighting more intense for the new room to look lighter and more beautiful.

To save time spent on exhausting shopping campaigns, you can look for an approximate option on the Internet by typing in the search engine of the chandelier Bryansk or chandelier Moscow, depending on the region in which you live. So it will be possible to decide at least with the store, and not go in a row.

Next, you should dwell on a certain amount of watts, because the chandelier should illuminate the room well. If the room is no more than ten square meters, you can do with a three -rose chandelier to light a corridor and a one -rod. But if you have a large bedroom or a living room, Rozhkov should be at least five, it may be worth choosing a large rally of several tiers.

You also need to take into account the height of the ceilings. If your apartment is in a standard block structure with low ceilings, then a high chandelier will not suit you, since it will visually steal a space that is not so much. In this case, lamps are recommended, which are attached directly to the ceiling and close the bulb from below. But if the height of the ceilings exceeds three meters, you can afford to hang a chain or a multi -tiered crystal chain. But this should also be more careful, because numerous glare from faceted crystal can cause fatigue of the eyes. If the horns of the chandelier are directed to the ceiling and create an even multiple light, this will be the best option.

The last step will be the choice of shape and color, which depends on which style and color scheme the interior of your room is made. Fortunately, the choice is now huge, it will only remain to decide what you personally like.

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