Manicure at home is it really possible to do

Every girl and a woman should follow her nails and make manicure on time, but, unfortunately, sometimes there is not enough time to go to the salon or do not want to spend money every time to put her nails in order. You can make a good and high -quality manicure itself at home, for this you need to prepare the following devices: a nail file with an abrasive coating, a nail file for grinding, a steam bath, manicure pinch, and varnishes of different colors for painting nails and varnish removal. All this can be bought in a regular store or order all for a manicure through an online store.

First you need to remove the old varnish from the nails. To do this, use a special oil -based fluid, since the acetone fluid harms the nail plate, when removing the varnish, move a cotton swab from the base of the nail to the tip.

Then the nails should be given the shape with a file with an abrasive coating. Only dry nails are worth cutting, moving from edges to the middle, otherwise you can harm the nail plate. The shape of the nail depends not only on fashion and your desire, but also on the individual characteristics of the nail plate. The most common form is the rounded shape of the nails. After giving the form, you need to polish the nail plate using a special file, try to smooth out noticeable irregularities and grooves.

After giving the shape and grinding of the nails, lower your hands into a special bath with warm water with the addition of sea salt or liquid softening soap and hold your hands for 5-7 minutes. The bath allows you to soften the cuticle, after which it can be easily removed with a special manicure stick. After all this procedure, degrease nails with a special tool, apply the base for the varnish, and then the nail polish itself.

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