Lighted -proof curtains – a revolution in the world of curtains

Sometimes a person wants to hide from excessively bright daylight of the sun. However, this is impossible, due to the high passage of sunlight with curtains from ordinary fabrics. Knowledgeable people recommend using special luminous curtains that can save from the heat even in the hottest season.

I also recommend these luminous curtains. They are made of special fabrics that do not pass sunlight. When you hang such curtains on the windows, you will find that the light through them breaks through only 10%, and the enchanting twilight reigns in the room.

Where light -permeable curtains can be used?

Also, such curtains are suitable for the following rooms:

Houses for watching a home theater;

In the office for the best demonstration of presentations;

In educational institutions for the best perception of educational films, in the company classes;

In medical institutions;

In photo studios and others.

Especially light -resistant curtains will come in handy in the children’s room. They can be curtained for the time of daytime sleep so that nothing prevents the child from fully relaxing and gaining new forces for future achievements of knowledge of the world.

From which light -proof curtains are made?

Lighted -proof curtains are made of special fabric of three layers, which is called Blacks. It is interesting that such a material has two more interesting advantages: sound absorption and thermal insulation.

The fabric is easily draped and is able to last a huge amount of time. It is able to maintain its presentation for a much longer period than ordinary curtains, because it cannot burn out, moreover, they look great with any interior. You can simply hang such curtains and not remember the need to replace them for many years.

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