Business woman style distinguishing features

Nowadays, a woman who can simultaneously engage in her favorite work, pay attention to the family and educate children no longer surprises anyone. Nevertheless, there are representatives of the weaker sex who simply do their own business, but there are those that are able to attract the attention of employees or customers with one presence. What distinguishes them? Of course the presence of a style!

The formation of the image of a business woman is not an easy task, but quite fulfilling. It consists of a psychological mood, professional qualities. And besides, the appearance. Unfortunately, the rule that they are met by clothing has not yet been canceled. It is very important to subtly feel the situation, observe restraint in clothes and accessories. Even the usual handbag or purse for documents should be in harmony with the general appearance.

In general, there are several rules that a business woman must definitely pay attention to. Namely:

• makeup in light, unobtrusive shades;

• well -groomed hairstyle, loose hair with strands of different lengths at work are not allowed;

• Mandatory fresh manicure on medium -sized nails, ideally – French;

• costumes and blouses of business cut from opaque fabrics, preferably plain colors;

• jewelry must be in harmony with the general appearance, it is good if they are made of expensive metals;

• shoes with a closed sock and back, the height of the boots is correlated with the size of the skirt.

Pay attention to the little things and do not forget the main rule – to be a professional in your business.

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