Family therapy Guarantee of the safety of peace in the family

The modern pace of life has a direct active effect on the atmosphere of the family. Figuratively speaking, a kind of imposition of external factors on the climate of the family. Instead of mutually supplementing and psychologically unloading each other, members of the “cell of society” come to counteraction, introducing external negative energy to the interpersonal relations of the married couple.

Features of family therapy

To eliminate undesirable manifestations of emotions, there is family therapy, which is a system of ways to correct relationships in the family. All this mass of psychocorrection methods is considered as a type of group therapy. Methods of psychotherapeutic effects are aimed at eliminating conflicts between family members. Moreover, the system of family interactions changes radically. Techniques used in the process, so to speak, is to pay attention to the value of a particular married couple, to force a partner to look at the opponent’s problems by entering his role or, as it were, from the side to consider and independently evaluate the causes of emerging conflicts.

During a variety of trainings, homework, the real situation in the family is adjusted. The main task of the psychologist is to organize a dialogue between family members, desire to understand a partner and neutralize negative psycho -facilities for a family group.

The main purpose of family therapy is the organization of the dialog box for its members. It is already positive that the decision to visit the psychotherapist finds his implementation. A specialist will help professionally:

Keep the world in the family;

To teach loved ones to listen and understand each other;

Will help learn to conduct a dialogue;

To convince what you should not see in the partner of the enemy;

Just bring clarity to the relationship.

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