Refuse dinner how to lose weight quickly and effectively

For you, probably, no news is such a way of losing weight as a diet without dinner. The main essence of this wonderful diet is that under any circumstances you can not have dinner. Even in Indian ancient treatises for those who are fond of yoga, it is mentioned: you cannot eat after sunset and sunrise. Apparently our distant ancestors in cave times at dusk, after sunset, could not go hunting and score a mammoth, and then cook it at the fire. Therefore, dinner was most often canceled.

Brilliant and simple diet

The main and only condition for this diet is the rejection of dinner, in any case, that is, after 00 you can’t eat. More precisely, it is necessary to avoid taking precisely solid food until the moment of your awakening. For example, if you always get up at eight in the morning, then your dinner should be at six in the evening.

You can eat a variety of foods before the ICC, without avoiding even sweets and flour, however, after the set time, nothing can be eaten. You can only drink tea from herbs or non -carbonated water. Moreover, the more you use fluids, the more useful it will be for the body.

However, sometimes the most unpredictable life circumstances may occur, when you have to violate all the established modes or strict diets: it can be family celebrations, popular holidays, or just a girlfriend ran a seagull to drink. We are all people, and there is not always the opportunity to refuse. Therefore, in this case, in order not to negate all efforts, 2-3 times a week, after a set time, it is allowed to afford an apple or a cup of tea with honey. There will be no great harm from this.

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