DIY house construction of houses projects

To start building a house on your own, first you need to study the projects of the houses, options for appearance and internal layout. For these purposes, you can use materials from any sources: study options from the Internet, scroll through the catalog of any architectural company, and maybe a completely drawn sketch on your own.

In any case, do not try to make the area of ​​your future home as large as possible. Remember that the larger the area of ​​the house, the more worries and expenses you will need to maintain it. There is a saying in this matter "The size does not matter" very by the way, because a small house in the area can be quite beautiful, cozy and comfortable.

It is not important whether you choose a ready -made project from the catalog or engage in its development yourself, remember that when designing floors plans, you need to make so that the bathrooms on different floors are located exactly above each other, and the bathroom on the first floor is near the kitchen, that is, it had With her adjacent wall. With this arrangement of bathrooms in the house, the costs of conducting and installing the water supply, sewage and ventilation will be significantly reduced.

The roofs of a complex structure will cost you much more than simple. It is also worth understanding that the fewer windows on the attic floors of the building, as well as ventilation and smoke passes in the roof, the cheaper the construction will cost.

If you conceived some architectural "Excesses", then be prepared for the fact that for the forced complication of the roof you will have to pay a certain amount. However, if this helps to make the appearance of your home more expressive, then the costs will be justified.

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