Install electric sockets of the steps of the process

During the repair, as a rule, the question of the installation or replacement of electric sockets. It is important to do this right, so that the installed socket later serves for a very long time.

The installation or replacement procedure is pleased. The installation of electric sockets takes very little time and effort. But working with electricity is a little dangerous, so it is important to do everything right.

You should first prepare:

– a screwdriver in order to easily remove the socket panel, fixing the mechanism, disconnecting and connecting wires;

– time, about 15 minutes, it all depends on the skills;

– a probe, in order to avoid trouble while working with electricity;

– socket, without it, you should not start. The outlet should be selected before the installation.

Installation of electric sockets is as follows.

First of all, it should be remembered that it is important to observe the norms of electrical safety . Disconnect the electricity in the shield and control that someone does not accidentally turn it on.

It is necessary to check the voltage in terminals. It is better to check again and make sure that the food is disabled before starting work.

If you change the old outlet for a new one, do dismantling. Unscrew the bolts and delete all the old parts.

Now we do the whole procedure in the reverse order, but with new spare parts. We insert the wires into a suitable terminal. Fasten the wires. Bring out the socket to a horizontal position. And fix the bolts.

Next, we dress the front panel and fix it.

Check the reliability of the installed socket. Turn on the electricity and connect any electric surf. A working socket should hold tight, should not heat up and should not spark when turning on.

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