How to choose table sets

What is a table service? This is a set of dishes, which consists of objects of similar shape and color. It is made in the same style and is calculated for a certain number of people. To choose a service in your house, you need to decide on how many people you calculate and in what style do you like the dishes more. The selection of service in our time is simply huge. You can buy a set of white utensils with a golden boot, cups with flowers or a set of dessert plates with Marilyn Monroe. The main thing is to decide for what purposes you buy it, because the service can be both festive and everyday.

Six people are usually designed for every day, festive – for twelve. Also, holidays include dishes of different sizes, spices, tea cups, napkins, creamy rings, saucepan and always traditional loafs and plates. The festive service according to tradition should be decorated with a gold pattern or ornament. It costs most often several times more than daily.

The service for each day traditionally includes deep plates for soup with toilers, a cup, tea cups, a sugar, a saucer, a creamy, a set for spices and plates for dessert and second dishes. Often it is possible to form a service right in the store yourself.

You can choose dishes that will be combined in style with your dining room, because everyday sets are often the most original shapes and colors. If bright colors are used in the kitchen or dining room, it is better to choose the dishes modestly, for example, white. If your kitchen is made in calm colors, the dishes can be brighter.

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