How to choose a fragrance for soap -making advice of a specialist

Now on the shelves of stores there are various types of handmade soap. They are popular not only their beauty and variety of forms, but also the smell. No matter how useful it is soap, they choose the one that smells better. Therefore, masters for the manufacture of handmade soap know which fragrances are preferable.

Fragrance or aromatic oil is a necessary component of handmade soapwork to give soap fragrant aroma. In addition, the fragrance is used not only to create soap, but also for the flavoring of premises, the production of perfume and the preparation of various drinks. The most common aromas are orange, strawberries, lemon.

Requirements for aromatic fragrance when choosing.

The task of the fragrance is not only to give the soap a pleasant aroma. Fragrances are an excellent preservative that can protect the product from mold formation. Also fragrant substances: Eugenol, Scatol, Indol, metilanthranilate and chinolin, included in the fragrance are able to influence the painting of the product and independently create an impressive color scheme.

Disadvantages of food fragrances in soap.

By adding a food shock absorber to the soap base, you can achieve a sweet smell. But such types of fragrances have a number of disadvantages:

– are strong allergenic, before use it is necessary to conduct a test to the reaction, applying a substance on the wrist or the internal bend of the elbow;

– a unstable smell, if you do not store the product in the food film, then the aroma will disappear over time, although this does not guarantee that the smell will remain forever.

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