Cross -embroidery advice stages of the process

Crossing embroidery is an exciting occupation. It is enough to embroider one picture to love to keep the needle in your hands for life. Those who only consider the schemes of embroidery with a cross are useful will be known to know several rules on how to embroider a cross.

Selection of materials.

For embroidery, it is not necessary to choose a specific type of fabric, but many prefer to choose a canvas, which is a woven fabric in the form of a mesh that allows you to smoothly apply stitches. Canvas sold various sizes indicating what number of crosses will fit in one square inch.

It is better for beginners to use the canvas of the eleventh or fourteenth size. Where there will be large crosses.

Flax fabric or canvas is perfect for embroidery, but they already have smaller holes.

Choosing a muline.

Embroidery provides greater freedom in choosing thread flowers. Muline can be of various shades and colors. The muline thread consists of six separate threads, but when embroidery, one or two is used, rarely three.

Search for a picture.

The task of embroidery is transferred to the marked pattern to the canvas, using the threads of the muline. The scheme can be found independently in magazines or on the Internet or buy a ready -made in a store. You should start with a simple drawing where it is used from three to seven colors. In the future, it will be possible to independently make diagrams using special programs, embroidering already images not kittens, but the faces of relatives and acquaintances.

Acquisition of a pier.

Types are two wooden, plastic or metal rings, the task of which is to keep the fabric during embroidery. While embroidery, you can do without a pier, but it is convenient to use them and they are not expensive.

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