How to choose the right windows for the kitchen, what to take into account when buying

In the kitchen, households spend the most time, here they gather at breakfast, lunch and dinner, spend evenings after tea drinking with guests, cooking home food is done here – the most important ritual of any housewife. When it comes to repair, the kitchen pays special attention, here it is important to take into account everything to the smallest detail. And one of the most important questions is the installation of the window. Which double -glazed window to choose, which windows are better suitable – traditional wooden or plastic windows?

If you give preference to plastic windows more, then when buying them, try not to skimp, since only the quality composition of the material will not distinguish harmful fumes. This applies especially to those windows that are on the sunny side. Before purchasing windows, learn about the reputation of the manufacturer, read customer reviews, pay attention to how long the company has existed on the market. Try to give preference to well -known, already proven firms.

Wooden windows are, first of all, environmental friendliness. They look very beautiful, comfortable and perfectly retaining heat. Wood is characterized not by high tightness, it allows the windows to breathe and in this exceeds plastic. In addition, they are more fireproof, since, unlike fast -melting plastic, they burn very slowly and prevent the glass instantly fall out. Plastic windows often fog, condensate gathers on them, but they also have a lot of their advantages. For example, excellent sound insulation, which wooden “brothers” can not boast.

As you can see, both windows have their pros and cons, in something they lose to each other, but in some ways, on the contrary. The choice, of course, always remains for you, you decide what is more important to you and which criteria are more important.

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