Selection of curtains for the color of the wallpaper? There is a solution!

There are situations when the old wallpapers are still “hanging” in your apartment, it doesn’t matter for what reason they hang there, it is quite possible that you just moved, and they remained from the previous owners, or maybe you just have not changed them for a long time? The question is why they hang with you? Why not change them? After all, you do not need a stranger or old energy?

Pick up curtains precisely for the wallpaper? – Absolutely not necessarily! After all, it is more convenient to pick up for another magician, upholstery x – just right! But, the harmony of colors should always be taken into account and special attention to pay it. Suppose your room is saturated with a dark color, in which case the most optimal option will be the white tulle to the lightning color of your curtains. The tone of green should not be darker or lighter, otherwise the fullness of the apartment and the impression of it will deteriorate, and besides, the harmonious colors of the colors be disturbed.

Sometimes it seems that the chests of drawers from Italy is perfect, just perfectly complement many curtains and wallpaper, so their acquisition is also part of the decoration of your house of the apartment.

Of course there are many decoration options, for example, one of them:

Organza -legged, for example, white and dense stuffed. It can be of a variety of colors, pale lemon-colored, bodily-beige and many others, curtains with brushes, solid with a dark green shade will perfectly complement and decorate your stuffed. Upholstery for upholstered furniture should be made on the likeness of a stuffed.

Some decorating the window are transferred to the background, but it is the windows that occupy one of the most important places in decorating the situation in the house, maintaining comfort, addition to the main decor, all these responsibilities lie on the design of the windows! If you harmoniously choose the curtains for the wallpaper, then you can achieve incredible effects.

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