How to choose a kitchen chandelier

Kitchen for designers is the most interesting place. In addition to the fact that it is prepared on it, it is intended even in order to eat tasty there. Lastly, to complete its design, they choose a chandelier. Chandelier is a decorative element that is aimed at lighting. For its choice, the following signs must be taken into account:

Ceiling height

The design of the room

The volume of the illuminated room

Sun or shadow side of the room

For low ceilings, you do not need to buy long chandeliers, otherwise the suspended structure will “count” the heads of all passers -by. Luxurious and large chandeliers look ugly, t. To. a small room will begin to visually decrease even more. The most profitable solution is a small chandelier in the form of a plate, which tightly adjacent to the ceiling. Any chandeliers are suitable for high ceilings. Therefore, to create an unusual effect, you can hang a long chandelier, which should be 5 meters above the head of a standing person. She will impress the guests who came, and you will be comfortable to meal with the family. Do not neglect the appearance, t. To. She should “fit” into the interior, be it Modern, Borocco or high-tech. By color, the chandelier is successfully combined with the ceiling, thus can easily fit into the interior. Then it is necessary to solve whether the chandelier for the kitchen will decide the main source of light or additional lighting. Also if this is the shadow side, then it is better to choose a brighter chandelier with several departments for bulbs. Perhaps the right chandelier will not be in the store, so for the search you can go to the online store, besides, the prices for them are slightly lower, which saves your budget.

Thus, the choice of a chandelier will not make you think for a long time, and the purchase will become a creative process with a favorable outcome.

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